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Give Your Fabrics a Splash of Color with Colortime

Looking for the perfect sleepover craft? Look no further than Colortime! Colortime crafts and fabric markers are a great way for kids to express their creativity. Kids can color in pre-printed pillow cases, tote bags,… read more

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Spiral Your Way into Scrapbook Heaven

Scrapbooking is a great decorative way to store memories. Especially in a world full of endless iPhone photos stored in the Cloud, it’s nice to get some favorites printed and stored in a more permanent,… read more

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Crayola Marker Maker: Colorful Times for Everybody!

We’ve all been there: You need a magic marker in a particular color. You overturn the huge Tupperware from under the bed, in which you find dozens of markers in every shade this side of… read more

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Kids Get Creatively Ghoulish with Monster High Activities

Activity toys are great for keeping kids busy for a few hours, but the best part about toys in this category is that they yield a physical object that kids can call their own. Incorporating… read more

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Create Your Own Style with Skribs Customizable Wristbands

Skribs Customizable Wristbands, a top 5 finalist in Walmart’s Get it on the Shelf Competition, allow children to write and draw whatever they want on wristbands, to be used again and again. The do-it-yourself design… read more

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Play ‘N Fold Art Studio Offers Creative Fun for Everyone

One of my favorite things about Crayola is the gender-neutral approach they take to creativity. With products featuring vibrant primary colors, nothing particularly screams “boy” or “girl,” specifically. Avoiding the traditional color stereotypes of pink… read more

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Style Me Up! Perfect Nail Markers Let Kids Get Creative with Nail Polish

Manicures are expensive, and although it’s fun to get pampered, it can be even more fun to let kids do their nails themselves (or maybe with a little help from mom). Style Me Up! Perfect… read more

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My Ribbon Barrette Maker, from, lets girls design and make their own hair barrettes. What little girl doesn’t love colorful hair accessories? What makes this kit awesome is the layout of the top of… read more

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Toolbox Jewelry

Klutz introduces Toolbox Jewelry, a hardware jewelry kit that teaches kids how to make industrial jewelry from shiny nuts, star washers, fasteners with cord, satin ribbons, beads, and earring wires. Simple instructions transform hardware into… read more

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Make Your Own Pom-Pom Puppy

Klutz introduces Pom-Pom Puppies, a set of supplies and instructions for creating cuddly, canine fuzz balls out of regular yarn. Using the pom-pom tool, kids can wrap, snap, and snip their way to an adorable… read more

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