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Trailer released for Toy Story Short Film

Disney/Pixar fans have been all a buzz about the new animated Toy Story short film slated to be featured before the opening of Cars2. A few months ago, there was much speculation as to if… read more

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Snuggle Puppy: Great Starter Book For Toddlers

. Instilling a love for reading in our children is so important. That is why we made it part of our 2011 goals to bring you some more book recommendations. I couldn’t think of a better… read more

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Angry Birds Cartoon Series- coming to a TV near you?

. Earlier this month we told you a new Angry Birds game Mattel unveiled at CES. Well, if you are an Angry Bird fan-atic (you know who you are) and you thought that announcement was… read more

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The Squinkies Craze Enters The Video Game World

Squinkies made our list of hot toys for holiday, and hot they were! Between the  original Squinkies and the Squinkie-doo’s children all over started their collection of these adorable little characters this holiday. And while… read more

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Toy Story Short Film: Plot Leaked On Amazon?

. When Cars 2 hits theaters this summer, it has been rumored that Pixar will be including a pre-movie “Toy Story” short film. This past weekend when listed a new children’s book, “Play-cation” said… read more

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