Rockin’ Dice Rocks the House on Game Night

Rockin’ Dice, from University Games, brings color, counting, and fun to game night. Designed for two to four players ages 8 and up, the game helps kids with counting skills and quick thinking. Each player… read more

Trucky 3 Provides Truckloads of Fun

Trucky 3, from Smart Toys and Games, is a single-player IQ-building game that will provide kids ages 3 and up with an overload of fun. The game includes three different colored trucks that need to… read more

University Games Get Kids Thinking

I love a good round of trivia. Even better is a game of Mad Libs. So testing out the Smart! Game and Silly Sentence Word Fun, from the Brain Quest line from University Games, was… read more

Get Your Quiz on With Kwizniac

  Trivia games are perfect for friendly fun during get-togethers and Kwizniac Kidz‘ Trivia Countdown Game is a foolproof choice. Instead of breaking out ye old game board, fighting over who gets to be the… read more

Memory Can Be a Real Puzzle with Puzzle Match

If you’ve got a household in which some of the members love board games, while others prefer puzzles, a great compromise activity is Puzzle Match from Wowopolis. Suitable for ages 3 and up, this series… read more

Fisher-Price Corn Popper Pop ‘N Race Game

The Fisher-Price Corn Popper Pop ‘N Race Game from TCG Toys is a new take on the iconic corn popper, providing kids with an interactive twist on an old favorite! The game includes a play… read more

Bananagrams Knows Word Games

In Appleletters, from Bananagrams Inc., new readers work together to build a word worm by adding words to the head or tail. Unexpected twists and turns can happen, so players must stay on their toes.… read more