It’s Munchkin Adventure Time!

What happens when the classic game of Munchkin combines with the totally flippin’ awesome antics of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time? An action-packed, monster-slaying, treasure-grabbing game with kids’ favorite Adventure Time characters, including Finn, Jake, Marceline, BMO, Princess… read more

Smack it! Keeps Game Play Short and Sweet

War. Spit. Slap Jack. Egyptian Ratscrew. The fun kids can have with a standard deck of 52 cards is pretty endless, but these games can sometimes go on forever. Smack it!, from Santa Maria Group… read more

R&R Games Asks Players to Make a Mess

From being the oldest sister of three little siblings and that job as a camp counselor I held for several summers, I thought I had seen and played everything. In a way (especially with this… read more

Moustache Smash Is a Smashing Good Time

Smashing mustaches or moustaches doesn’t seem like a very practical thing—that is, until Spin Master decided to put moustaches on wands and slap on some suction cups thus creating a totally awesome ‘stache smashing game, which actually happens… read more

Happy Birthday! Gives the Gift of Good Times

Happy Birthday!, from North Star Games, has game play reminiscent of Apples to Apples: Every round, one player gets to be the judge and adjudicate over a set of cards handed to him by the… read more

The Game of Things Keeps Players Guessing

The Game of Things, from Patch Products, is a game that makes players think outside the box and get to know each other better. One player reads a card from the deck. Each card features… read more