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Pleased to Meet You, Too

Worm Hole Productions presents Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke as they travel on a fantastic adventure on Pleased to Meet You. The duo received great acclaim for their most recent album, Rise and Shine, and… read more

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Frances England Releases Kids Indiepop Album

Frances England will be releasing her fourth kid and family album in August, Blink of an Eye. The album features eleven Frances England originals, as well as guest appearances by kindie music artists: Elizabeth Mitchell,… read more

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Dancing Tween

Twinkle Toes DVD Music Video Collection by Inception Media Group features dazzling fashionista Grace Hastings. Also known as “Twinkle Toes,” Grace conquered her terrible case of stage fright in the film, Twinkle Toes and now… read more

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Teach-Rockers Make a Splash

Recess Monkey, the trio of teach-rockers, released their ninth CD, Deep Sea Diver, produced by Recess Monkey on June 18. Deep Sea Diver, an ocean-themed musical-of-the-sea, features the rockers shipwrecked on the beach of a… read more

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Birds Introduce Children to Classical Music

The Secret Mountain presents Listen to the Birds: An Introduction to Classical Music, a storybook and CD set inspired by the melodious sound of birds. Throughout history, birds have caught the imagination of composers and… read more

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Bossy Frog Refreshes the Classics

Bossy Frog Productions Presents 15 Songs Every Kid Should Know, featuring Cajun, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Jazz, Irish, Roots, African Drumming, Cuban, Soul, Funk, and Folk music for kids. Kids will hear the sounds of African drums… read more

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