Edushape Puppet Playland

Puppet Playland, from Edushape, can be played with by using just the puppet, or it can be integrated with the book itself. This toy acts as baby’s first book and encourages social play, role play,… read more

Lego Landmarks Come to Life

In Brick City, renowned modeler Warren Elsmore recreates iconic buildings and landmarks utiilizing only Lego bricks for his creations. Created by Barron’s Educational Series Inc., Brick City portrays more than 100 beautifully colored photographs of… read more

Birds Introduce Children to Classical Music

The Secret Mountain presents Listen to the Birds: An Introduction to Classical Music, a storybook and CD set inspired by the melodious sound of birds. Throughout history, birds have caught the imagination of composers and… read more

Learn the Alphabet with a Smart Device

The Appy Alphabet, from Kidz Delight, will help kids ages 2 and up learn the alphabet and phonics. The realistically-styled keyboard is bilingual in English and Spanish and features two modes of play. In standalone… read more

Get Organized!

Kenson Kids‘ newest product, On Track! Responsibility and Behavior System, helps tweens ages 8 and up organize household chores, daily to-do lists, family rules, and money management to learn the skills needed to become responsible… read more

Be Brave

In Brave Rooney, it is determined that Rooney, a typical nine-year-old boy who lives on the border of Majesticville, a town full of superheroes and their families, and Normalville, will be the first non-superhero to… read more

A Different Kind of Storytelling

Author, illustrator, and preschool teacher Steve Light and Guidecraft have teamed up to create Storyboxes based on classic stories from around the world. Each crafted wooden Storybox contains hand-painted characters, props, and settings, allowing children… read more

Kushka the Dog Named Cat is a story about a dog whose name means cat. Have you ever heard anything as silly as that? In this 32-page illustrated book by Eli Kowalski, readers can follow… read more

Super Antioxidants

Blueberries, blueberries, and more blueberries are the fruit of choice for the Blueberry Bandit. In the book The Blueberry Bandit, the first part of The Blueberry Boy series written by Melissa Jones and illustrated by… read more