Love Always Everywhere This Valentine’s Day

It’s only a few more weeks until Valentine’s Day—and there is no better time of the year to teach your little ones about the importance of love. And I’m talking love in all forms—familial love,… read more

Jane Lynch Battles Bullies with Kids Picture Book

Although she plays a notorious bully on TV’s Glee, Jane Lynch takes an anti-bullying stance in her first children’s picture book, Marlene, Marlene, Queen of Mean. The book, which is now available, is written to… read more

The Magical Tale of Santa Dust Adds Enchantment to Christmas

I’ve always been a fan of Christmas traditions, especially year-after-year viewings of favorite movies, decorating the tree with favorite ornaments, and pulling out well-worn copies of favorite stories. When it comes to Christmas stories, enchanting… read more

Trouble in Treeville Teaches Kids About Justice

When there’s someone stirring up trouble in Treeville, it takes an entire community to get to the bottom of it. Trouble in Treeville, published by Aperture Press, is an adorable children’s book written by Shirley… read more

Anthony Ant Teaches Kids about Paris

Anthony Ant Goes to France, by Julie Bettendorf, is a sweet tale of a tiny ant and his ladybug friend as they travel through Paris, France. The illustrations are cute and show the two bugs… read more