Riftwalker: A Storm Hollow Card Game

Goal: $8,000 Funding Period: until March 21 Creator: Game Salute or Angela and Julian In the game Storm Hollow: A Storyboard Game, play as a Riftwalker and explore the rifts of Storm Hollow, a world… read more

Ollie’s Wooden Blocks Make Playtime More Meaningful

  Goal: $100,000 Fundraising period: April 3, 2016 Creator: Haran and Carissa Wolfovitz Yaffe Entertaining and fun for everyone, the creators of Ollie’s Blocks want today’s generation to experience the tradition of simple and playful… read more

Cubetto Allows Hands-On Coding for Preschoolers

Goal: $100,000 Funding period: April 7, 2016 Creator: Primo Toys Cubetto, a small wooden box on wheels, is the newest coding toy for kids. The toy is designed to introduce preschoolers to basic, hands-on coding without… read more

Tio Lets Kids Create App-Controlled Toys and Inventions

Goal: $69,225 Funding Period: through April 4 Creator: Tio Toys Tio encourages kids to use everyday and recycled objects to create app-controlled toys and other inventions. The Tio kit includes motorized building blocks with LED lights,… read more

Vamplets Launches New Mini Figure Collection

Goal: $45,900 Funding period: April 6, 2016 Creator: Vamplets Terrifyingly cute, Vamplets are the creation of designer and author Gayle Middleton, who first introduced these baby monsters and their stories to the world in the form… read more

Willowbrook Girls Inspires the Next Generation

Goal: $30,000 Funding Period: through March 18 Stretch Goal: $200,000 Creator: Neah Willowbrook dolls are a group of diverse dolls made up of seven friends in the fifth grade who are intelligent, goal orientated, and outspoken.… read more

Caperons Flip from Food to Fun

Goal: $12,257 Funding period: March 15 Creator: Mona Stolle Perfect for mealtime and play time, Caperons work well for various occasions. From outdoor BBQ’s and cooking dinner to playing make-believe, these reversible capes/aprons are fun for the… read more

Pixi Kits Introduce Robotics to Early Learners

Goal: $65,000 Funding Period: March 4, 2016 Stretch Goals: $125,000 and $250,000 Creator: The Middlekauff family Instead consuming technology, Pixi Kits allow kids to use technology to build their very own creations. Poppy is a pink robotic… read more

Kamibot Teaches Kids to Code

Goal: $50,000 Funding Period: until March 17 Creator: 3.14 Kamibot is a small programmable robot that lets kids write their own codes and add paper craft skins. It encourages kids to learn how to code in a fun… read more