March to the Beat of the Fun Drum

Goal: $880 Funding: until December 4 Creator: Shaina Krause and Tyler Mathes Upgrade your kid’s storage with a splash of color with Fun Drum. The Original Fun Drum is a unique and functional toy storage… read more

Adventure Awaits with Utopia Kid’s Forts

Goal: 15,000 Funding Period: until December 8th Creator: Utopia Now, kids can dive into the coral reef, travel to outer space, or even visit Santa’s Workshop with Utopia Kid’s Forts. Utopia Kid’s Forts is a colorful and versatile… read more

Make Writing Fun with Story Craze: The Crazy Story Game

Goal: $22,000 Funding Period: Until on November 23 Creator: Story Club Games LLC Bring the power of storytelling through fun and witty world play and let your kid’s imagination run wild with Story Craze: The Crazy Story Game.… read more

Root Robot Bridges the Coding Gap

Goal: $250,000 Funding Period: until November 29th Creator: Scansorial startup emerging from Harvard University The minds at Harvard University had a mission to make coding accessible for learners at any age—and thus, Root was born. Root… read more

Transform Your Videos with Special FX Master

Goal: $20,00 Funding Period: until November 15 Creator: Special FX Master Anyone who wants to step up their filmmaking and create epic films can now do so with the help of Special FX Master, an app… read more

Creeplings Add a Spooky Side to Collectibles

Goal: $15,000 Funding Period: Until September 18 Creator: FrankenToys Creeplings are soft collectible miniature toys, each with its own name, personality, and color. The characters have a fun spookiness to them—Aldo is a green alien, Chunk is a… read more

Zuubudeez Brings Out the Fun at Meal Time

Goal: $30,000 Funding Period: Until August 26 Creator: Lea Abouriche There’s a new way for kids to enjoy their food, and for parents to stop getting stressed about them being easily distracted. Zuubudeez makes meal… read more

Happy Atoms Puts Excitement Back in Chemistry

Goal: $50,000 Creator: Schell Games and Thames & Kosmos Happy Atoms is a teaching tool that lets kids explore molecules in a hands-on way. The kit lets kids create molecules from atom models, discover the identities of… read more

Candy Krusher Makes Candy Even More Fun

Goal: $90,000 Funding Period: August 3 Creator: Barry Wilkinson Candy Krusher gives kids tons of new ways for kids to enjoy their candy. All kids need to do is knead any chewy candy to soften it up, then… read more

Bean Bag Bucketz Gives a Boost to Outdoors Fun

Goal: $35,000 Funding Period: June 16 Creator: Creative Brainworks LLC For anyone who enjoys outdoors fun, Bean Bag Bucketz is a great new addition to their sports collection. Bean Bag Bucketz centers around throwing bean bags… read more