Rise of Tribes Game Reaches Kickstarter Goal in Less Than an Hour

Goal: $10,000 Funding Period: Until July 6 Stretch Goal: $140,000 Creator: Breaking Games Breaking Games might have broken Kickstarter. Of course, the company didn’t actually break the website, but it likely broke some sort of record. Breaking Games’ first Kickstarter… read more

Roby d’Bear Sings and Dances to Life

Goal: $200,000 Funding Period: until July 11 Creator: Robotic Drive Stretch Goal: $350,000 Roby d’Bear is much more functional than the average teddy bear.   Roby, a tiny robot, enjoys talking, singing, and dancing, and it can do… read more

Dough Universe Brings Electrifying Creations to Life

Goal: $50,000 Funding Period: Until July 5 Creator: Technology Will Save Us Moldable play dough could get an electrifying makeover with the Dough Universe Kickstarter campaign from Technology Will Save Us. The campaign features three make-it-yourself kits that… read more

Build Your Dream City with Arckit

Goal: €30,000 (US$32,968) Funding Period: Until June 9 Creator: Damien Murtagh Arckit is a set of building blocks that seek to inspire a new generation of architects and designers. The construction pieces are completely modular and can be connected interchangeably… read more

Hoblen Aims to Put Kids in Charge of Creativity

Goal: $20,000 Funding Period: until June 1 Creator: Heather Jichi Breaking the mold of Lego and Playmobil, Hoblen is a construction toy that seeks to put creativity squarely into the hands of children. Unlike traditional bricks and blocks,… read more

FLIPPIT Combines Popular Fidget Toys into One

Goal: $21,000 Funding Period: Until June 1 Stretch Goal: $50,000-$500,000 Creator: Maynard Toys Can’t decide on what kind of fidget toy to get? FLIPPIT can give you the option of having all of them at once. FLIPPIT is a Kickstarter… read more

MURO Encourages Development Through Play

Goal: £30,000 (US $38,373) Funding Period: Until May 15 Creator: Jeremy Bond MURO allows kids to play and develop in their own unique ways. Designed similarly to an average busy board, MURO is fully customizable with… read more

Hug Loved Ones from Anywhere with Parihug

Goal: $30,000 Funding Period: Until May 16 Stretch Goal: $75,000-$100,000 Creator: Xyla Foxlin Parihug, or Pari, is a special stuffed animal that can connect people from anywhere in the world. When one Pari is hugged, another Pari… read more