Become a Ghostbuster with Ghostbusters: The Board Game

Goal: $250,000 Funding Period: Live through March 12, 2015 Creator: Cryptozoic Entertainment Stretch Goals: $300,000 and $350,000 Who you gonna call? The usual answer would be Ghostbusters, but now players themselves can get in on the… read more

Regal Games Brings Back the Whirl-O

Goal: $15,000 Funding Period: Until February 11, 2015 Creator: Regal Games LLC Regal Games, known for making retro games, is bringing back the Whirl-O, a magnetic tin top launcher toy. Users roll a top along the… read more

Moozi Provides Easy Solution for Sleepy Moms and Hungry Babies

Goal: $50,000 Funding Period: November 11, 2014-December 13, 2014 Creator: Miravan LLC Moozi is a one-button solution to create formula bottles for baby that are the  perfect temperature in under a minute. Moozi enables parents and caretakers to quickly soothe… read more

Huggable STEM-Inspired Robot Heads to Production

Trobo the Storytelling Robot successfully raised $61,060 in a Kickstarter campaign that ended on October 6th. Created by dads Jeremy Scheinberg and Chris Harden, Trobo answers kids’ questions about the science, technology, engineering, and math… read more