Goblies: Hand Thrown Paintballs

Goal: $8,000 Funding Period: Until July 30 Creator: Briana Gardell This summer’s heat could mean a splash a color can cool you down! Toy inventor Briana Gardell is putting a spin on traditional water balloons… read more

YouDolls: Fully Customizable Fashion Dolls

Goal: $25,000 Funding Period: until July 3, 2015 Creator: Didier Pietri and Kristynn Cloonan Macmillan Toys is giving girls the key to the toy factory with its latest customizable fashion figure, the YouDoll. The toy… read more

Get the Ball Rollin’ with Ball and Ramp

Goal: $10,000 Funding Period: Until July 20, 2015 Creator: Andrew Freuh Ball and Ramp is a new toy that lets kids and parents create their own interactive sculpture. It is made up of folded paper and marbles,… read more

Grüt: Teaching Children How to Grow

Goal: $10,925 Funding Period: Until July 3, 2015 Creator: Grüt Grüt is a new tool to help children grow their own plants and crops. Grüt comes as a kit that includes a sensor that connect to an app as well… read more

HeroMe Introduces Customizable Female Superheroes

Goal: $25,000 Funding Period: until June 26, 2015 Creator: HeroMe HeroMe is back again, and this time, they’re bringing girls with them. The toy company that allows children to make their own, custom superheroes is… read more

Send Poop in a Bag to Your Friends and Family!

Goal: $8,000 Funding Period: Until May 19, 2015 Creator: Feels Right Design Stretch Goals: $8,500, $9,000, $9,500, $10,000, and $20,000 Holy crap! Poop: The Game is back with two new editions and Poop in a Bag,… read more

BAKOBA Lets Kids Build Their Own World

Goal: $25,259 Funding Period: Until May 10, 2015 Creator: BAKOBA BAKOBA is a Danish reinvention of building blocks. The new construction toy is designed and developed to enhance a child’s imagination, creativity, and motor skills, allowing… read more

CogniToys Redefines the Way Kids Play

Goal: $50,000 Funding Period: until March 18, 2015 Creator: Elemental Path Stretch Goal: $100,000 Elemental Path has sought out to redefine the way kids play with their favorite toys. Under this premise, the company has… read more