WooBots Revolutionize Robot Toys

Goal: $7,548 Funding Period: Until Dec 13. Creator: Bamloff WooBots blend the classic with the innovative and its line of wooden robots out just in time for Christmas. They come in different varieties, each distinct in its… read more

Cannybots Teach Tech Skills and High Speed Fun

Goal: $40,000 Funding Period: Until Nov. 12 Stretch Goal: $250,000 Creator: Cannybots Cannybots are robotic toy cars meant to teach children about programming, robotics, artificial intelligence, and 3-D printing. Kids have the opportunity to program their own robot from… read more

Animated Hardwood Animal Toys Inspire Traditional Play

Goal: $2,000 Funding Period: Until Dec. 1 Stretch Goal: $15,000 Creator: David Wakefield Animated Hardwood Animal Toys are a classic, sustainable toy that are meant to last. These adorable creatures are built from low impact harvested timber and food… read more

Marbleocity Teaches Kids STEM Concepts

Goal: $14,000 Stretch Goal: $35,000 Funding Period: until October 30 Creator: Tinkineer Kids love toys they can build themselves and give them a lot of play value. And sometimes, these toys have an additional, hidden… read more

MyFamilyBuilders Celebrates Family Diversity

Goal: $25,000 Funding Period: Until Sept. 25 Creator: MyFamilyBuilders Toy inventor Ez Karpf noticed that most toy shelves were filled with products that depicted one type of family: one dad, one mom, one boy, and one… read more

GumbleBumble Offers the Ultimate Free-Play Experience

Goal: $28,000 Funding Period: Until Sept. 23 Creator: K-O Blok Johansen Sometimes, it’s not about a toy, but it’s about engagement with a toy to give kids their own creative processes during playtime. Inventor K-O Johansen kept… read more

#EndBookHate with Plush Textbook Toys

Goal: $10,000 Funding Period: Until Sept. 25 Creator: David Miller In an effort to combat the thousands of book haters across the country, toy inventor, David Miller created SlugBooks, a plush textbook cover adding a fun and creative… read more

Leg&Go – Everything a First Bike Should Be

Goal: $60,000 Funding Period: Until Aug. 6, 2015 Stretch Goal: $100,000 Creator: LegoGo Bikes LLC As long as kids have the Leg&Go Bike, they can say goodbye to bruises and scratches when they first learn how to ride a bike.… read more