Pixi Kits Introduce Robotics to Early Learners

Goal: $65,000 Funding Period: March 4, 2016 Stretch Goals: $125,000 and $250,000 Creator: The Middlekauff family Instead consuming technology, Pixi Kits allow kids to use technology to build their very own creations. Poppy is a pink robotic… read more

Kamibot Teaches Kids to Code

Goal: $50,000 Funding Period: until March 17 Creator: 3.14 Kamibot is a small programmable robot that lets kids write their own codes and add paper craft skins. It encourages kids to learn how to code in a fun… read more

Test Trivia Knowledge with Moviebomb Game

Goal: $31,000 Funding Period: until March 2 Creator: Moviebomb Game Moviebomb Game is a multiplayer trivia card game that tests player’s knowledge of movies and pop culture. Players can team up into groups, or can play… read more

Christmas Gets a Little Spooky with The Zombie Nativity

Goal: $45,000 Funding Period: Through December 25 Creator: NerdTalk Toys, LLC   We wish you a very… Zombiemas? The Zombie Nativity, by NerdTalk Toy, puts a spooky, silly spin on a nativity scene. Meet Zombie Baby Jesus, The Virgin… read more

Get Excited About The Past with Adventurer’s Kit

Goal: $25,000 Funding Period: Until Tuesday Dec 8. Stretch Goal: $60,000 Creator: Shepherd Kit There is no better way to get kids excited about history and ancient cultures than to let them explore the days of old themselves,… read more

WooBots Revolutionize Robot Toys

Goal: $7,548 Funding Period: Until Dec 13. Creator: Bamloff WooBots blend the classic with the innovative and its line of wooden robots out just in time for Christmas. They come in different varieties, each distinct in its… read more