Caperons Flip from Food to Fun

Goal: $12,257 Funding period: March 15 Creator: Mona Stolle Perfect for mealtime and play time, Caperons work well for various occasions. From outdoor BBQ’s and cooking dinner to playing make-believe, these reversible capes/aprons are fun for the… read more

Pixi Kits Introduce Robotics to Early Learners

Goal: $65,000 Funding Period: March 4, 2016 Stretch Goals: $125,000 and $250,000 Creator: The Middlekauff family Instead consuming technology, Pixi Kits allow kids to use technology to build their very own creations. Poppy is a pink robotic… read more

Kamibot Teaches Kids to Code

Goal: $50,000 Funding Period: until March 17 Creator: 3.14 Kamibot is a small programmable robot that lets kids write their own codes and add paper craft skins. It encourages kids to learn how to code in a fun… read more

Test Trivia Knowledge with Moviebomb Game

Goal: $31,000 Funding Period: until March 2 Creator: Moviebomb Game Moviebomb Game is a multiplayer trivia card game that tests player’s knowledge of movies and pop culture. Players can team up into groups, or can play… read more

Christmas Gets a Little Spooky with The Zombie Nativity

Goal: $45,000 Funding Period: Through December 25 Creator: NerdTalk Toys, LLC   We wish you a very… Zombiemas? The Zombie Nativity, by NerdTalk Toy, puts a spooky, silly spin on a nativity scene. Meet Zombie Baby Jesus, The Virgin… read more

Get Excited About The Past with Adventurer’s Kit

Goal: $25,000 Funding Period: Until Tuesday Dec 8. Stretch Goal: $60,000 Creator: Shepherd Kit There is no better way to get kids excited about history and ancient cultures than to let them explore the days of old themselves,… read more