MeArm Pi Allows Kids to Build Their Own Robot

Goal: $12,400 Funding Period: Until March 9, 2017 Creator: Mime Industries MeArm Pi, from Mime Industries, is a robot kit designed to teach people of all ages about technology, engineering, and programming. Made for kids ages 11… read more

Jackal Archipelago Takes Kids on a Treasure Hunt

Goal: $15,000 Funding Period: Until March 12 Creator: Mosigra Gold awaits for kids on Treasure Island in Jackal Archipelago. A board game for kids ages 6 and up, Jackal Archipelago is a strategic game with a pirate… read more

Turn Smartphones into Kids’ Cameras with Pixlplay

Goal: $25,000 Funding Period: Feb. 8 to March 17 Stretch Goal: $50,000 Creator: Pixl Toys Pixlplay, from Pixl Toys, turns smartphones into a kids’ camera. Designed for ages 3 and up, Pixlplay is inspired by the classic 35… read more

Combine Drawing and Technology with FollowGrams Smart Projector

Goal: $20,000 Funding Period: Until March 17 Stretch Goal: $100,000 Creator: Tal Zilberman Kids can learn to draw with FollowGrams, a smart projector that combines creativity and technology. The projector, from Flycatcher, projects pictures, letters, and numbers in… read more

Add AI to Hexbug Spiders with bots_alive

Goal: $15,000 Funding Period: until Feb. 16, 2017 Stretch Goal: $50,000 Creator: Brad Knox bots_alive lets kids add personality to their Hexbug spiders using artificial intelligence (AI) with bots_alive. With the bots_alive kits, remote-controlled Hexbug spiders can turn into autonomous… read more

March to the Beat of the Fun Drum

Goal: $880 Funding: until December 4 Creator: Shaina Krause and Tyler Mathes Upgrade your kid’s storage with a splash of color with Fun Drum. The Original Fun Drum is a unique and functional toy storage… read more

Adventure Awaits with Utopia Kid’s Forts

Goal: 15,000 Funding Period: until December 8th Creator: Utopia Now, kids can dive into the coral reef, travel to outer space, or even visit Santa’s Workshop with Utopia Kid’s Forts. Utopia Kid’s Forts is a colorful and versatile… read more

Make Writing Fun with Story Craze: The Crazy Story Game

Goal: $22,000 Funding Period: Until on November 23 Creator: Story Club Games LLC Bring the power of storytelling through fun and witty world play and let your kid’s imagination run wild with Story Craze: The Crazy Story Game.… read more