Get ready kids, it’s time to fish for answers.

Catch and Learn, from PlaSmart, is a new educational game that teaches kids ages 4 and up important concepts such as spelling, grammar, and basic mathematics. The game includes a retractable magnet fish catcher, 10 dry-erase fish cards, a dry-erase marker, and a game manual.

Catch and Learn can be played in a number of different ways. For example, parents can sharpen their little ones’ spelling skills by writing a single letter on each of the cards. Then, kids can practice picking up the letters in the proper order to spell a word.Perfect for tiny hands, kids can use the magnetic fish catcher and a steady hand to hover the dangling magnet over the top of the card they want to pick up. When they’re ready, they can then press the trigger on the fish catcher to retract the line back up. It’s like fishing without the worm bait.

To build grammar skills, parents can write down nouns, verbs, and adjectives on the dry erase cards and test kids by having them only pick up words of a certain kind.

They can even strengthen their basic math skills by giving kids an addition or subtraction problem and challenging to them pick up the fish sporting the correct answer.And for an even greater test of wits, kids can attempt to multiply together the numbers on two cards, collect them, and then pick up a third card that features the answer to the multiplication problem.

The magnet on the fish catcher is strong enough to hold up to three fish cards, so kids can get creative with the games they play.

Catch and Learn helps kids improve their math, spelling, memory, and fine motor skills. There’s really no wrong way to enjoy it, and the dry-erase fish cards allow for endless learning and unlimited fun.