Know any aspiring Bob the Builders? Give them a realistic look into the construction industry with the CAT Construction R/C from Toy State.

In case you need a refresher, Toy State has a full line of highly stylized and functional vehicles. So all of Toy State’s CAT models, this one included, are smaller scale replicas of the actual CAT construction vehicles IRL. Pretty neat, huh?

This motorized dump truck, part of CAT’s job site machine line, allows kids to easily scoop up and load gravel, sand, or loose dirt onto the dump bed. When the truck finally reaches its destination, kids can lower their dump bed and let their cargo tumble down. Yay, mission complete! Fingers crossed they’re not dumping sand on the rug though.

Instead of just manually pushing around this dump truck, it’s remote-controlled, so kids can feel like they’re in the driver seat. Kids will enjoy steering their construction vehicle around, whether it be in their playroom, sandbox, or backyard — these wheels can sure take a challenge! The engine is powered by 2.4GHz to enable the vehicle to accelerate and give kids a full driving experience. Using the hand-held remote control, kids can drive forward, backwards, and tilt their wheels to the left or right (in case they get stuck in a pile of dirt). The dump bed is also motorized, so besides just driving the vehicle around, kids determine when and where the dump bed will scoop by pressing the “up” arrow, and when it’s time to dump by pressing the “down” arrow. Staying true to a traditional construction vehicle’s colors, this truck in donned in yellow and black.

One thing to make note of is that the truck requires 4 AA batteries to operate and the remote control requires 3 AAA batteries to operate (seven batteries in total), so make sure to pick up two different sets of batteries! Another thing is on the bottom of the vehicle, adjacent to the power switch, is a lever that says left or right. Keep that centered in the middle to keep the truck in equilibrium and avoid becoming lop-sided. Don’t want that to happen when on site, amiright?

Not looking for a dump truck? Or need a more specific construction vehicle? Toy State has an impressive lineup of construction vehicles programmed with various functions.