Almost every kid reaches a point when they start asking for a pet. For some it’s just a phase, but for most it can’t be settled until they open a box with a happy little puppy inside.

But before too many real doggos get their tails pulled, the Care for Me Learning Carrier, from VTech, introduces kids to caring for a pet with a plush puppy and a colorful carrier.

The puppy, whom I named Winnie the Pooch, is a super soft plush and I didn’t want to let go of it. It can stand on its own, but probably prefers to be cuddled at any time of the day.

The carrier itself offers a lot of interactive learning with songs, numbers, ABCs, and colors. There are many different buttons and sliders and a roller to keep younger kids engaged. The door even responds when it is opened to take out the puppy.

This set has a decent age range because of the puppy itself. All of the interactive learning from the buttons on the carriers are probably more interesting to toddlers, but caring for the puppy is what will make this toy last.

There are four accessories—a ball, a bottle, a comb, and food—that help teach kids how to care for their pet. There is enough room in the carrier for the accessories to be stored with the puppy when it’s time for cleanup, but that’s even if kids are willing to put the puppy away and not cuddle with it everywhere they go (I know I was tempted).

Caring for the puppy can also be interactive for kids as adults teach them how to use each accessory, or they play with other kids. Whoever ends up playing with the puppy, though, will just forever be entranced by its cute little smile and pink bow.

The carrier is light enough for little hands to easily hold and is durable enough for kids to take along wherever they may want to adventure with their new pup. With how cuddly the puppy is, it can easily become a new best friend for any kid.