Three Cheers (Bears) for new Care Bear content!

The emotive characters from the ’80s are back and ready to inspire a new generation. The Care Bears: Unlock the Magic series gives modern kids the chance to fall in love with the Bears — aaaand to fall in love with new toys based on the colorful group. Basic Fun! gets the party started with Care Bears Unlock the Magic Interactive Figures.

These are 21st-Century bears for 21st-Century kids. Each of the six characters features more than 50 reactions and surprises. You guessed it, caring is the key to unlock the magic. Kids can activate songs, jokes, phrases, the famous Care Bear Stare, and more by touching the bears’ paws, noses, or bellies. The party gets more fun when the toys are placed in a group. Two or more Care Bears placed near each other will sing in unison and interact. Watch them in action below!

If kids are feeling like a Share Bear, they’re in luck. Each figure comes with a collectible Care Coin, that they can keep for themselves as a reminder to always be caring and kind or give to a friend to show them how much they Love-A-Lots them. The coins each match the bear they came with and include unique sayings.

Kids can collect Cheer Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, and Grumpy Bear. At 5 inches tall, each figure is big enough to pack big energy, but small enough that it can be taken anywhere the Care Bears are needed — whether that be a playdate or on a mission in Silver Lining.

Modern kids may need modern bears, but the power of care will always be timeless.