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As if Care Bears weren’t cute enough, there are some new creatures in Care-A-Lot ready to cuddle.

Just Play’s new line of Care Bear Cousins plush are inspired by Care Bears and Cousins, the Netflix original series that broadened our horizons of the Care Bear universe and reintroduced us to the Care Bear Cousins: Brave Heart Lion, Cozy Heart Penguin, Bright Heart Raccoon, and Lotsa Heart Elephant. Originally from The Forest of Feelings, the Care Bear Cousins now travel the land of Care-A-Lot, keeping everyone safe from evil and teaching lessons of kindness.

The plush themselves are brightly colored and their faces are just as cute and friendly as the characters they represent. Lotsa Heart Elephant, for example, is bubblegum pink and looks ready to hug you. These plushes are so big and squishy, she just might.

All of the Cousins have a distinct personalities, and their respective plush capture this perfectly. Each plush features the Cousin’s Belly Badge, a symbol that represents his or her role in the Care Bear Universe. Brave Heart Lion’s Belly Badge has a heart with a crown on it, since he is the Cousins’ brave leader, while Bright Heart Raccoon’s light bulb heart represents his sharp mind that is always getting them out of trouble (like when he realized that positive energy could serve as actual energy).

The oversized, super soft plush make the perfect companion for catching up on Care Bears and Cousins. Why just watch Cozy Heart Penguin’s latest adorable adventure when you could do it with Cozy Heart right next to you?

One trait that all of the Care Bear Cousins share, aside from their love of kindness, is that they make adorable plush toys that any Care Bears fan is bound to love.