With Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War looming on the horizon, superhero strife is all the rage. And unlike DC Comics’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which plotted Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent’s alter egos against one another, this latest Marvel installment puts Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark in a fight that’s sure to be far from civil.

Thanks to Hasbro, there’s no shortage of opportunity for kids to role-play as their favorite hero. Choosing between the Iron Man Slide Blaster Armor and Captain America’s Blaster Reveal Shield, for example, will help determine which side of the fight kids are on.

Toy Reviews 2016

For fans of the cool, tech executive Tony Stark, the Iron Man Slide Blast Armor is the obvious choice. This wearable weapon allows kids ages 5 and up to launch into battle just like Iron Man, and fire two Nerf darts at a moment’s notice. After slipping their hand and wrist through the front and grabbing the handle, kids can strap themselves in using the adjustable rubber buckle. I can’t call myself a kid anymore, but I was still able to fit my hand and forearm into the space without any problem. After kids gear up, they can press down on the large button to send Iron Man’s armor shooting up their forearm—and boy, does it make you feel powerful. Then, kids can push the smaller button to send two Nerf darts soaring toward the enemy. I can just picture this piece of equipment being the final touch to any Iron Man costume, and the envy of every kid who catches a glimpse of it.

Toy Reviews 2016

Aspiring crime-fighters who want to sport a more all-American look may choose to equip themselves with Captain America’s Blaster Reveal Shield. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, this armor is built with both defense and offense in mind. With a design that mimics the look of Cap’s shield from the movie, kids can press the star on the center to watch it slide open and reveal a double barrel loaded with Nerf darts. A detachable handgrip with a trigger on the end makes holding onto the shield and firing the darts a breeze. If I had to choose between the two, I’d go with this Blaster Reveal Shield because it offers a little bit more protection and the ability to surprise the opponent with the hidden blaster.

Ultimately, these Captain America: Civil War-themed toys provide kids with the opportunity to enjoy some great role-play no matter where their allegiance lies.

Only one thing is for certain: these toys aren’t the only two things guaranteed to have a blast.