The fun of Capsule Chix, from Moose Toys, starts before you even open the box. Capsule Chix dolls are fashion icons that can be constructed in more than 4 billion ways. Pull a tab, turn the wheel, and little capsules reminiscent of a classic vending machine toy come falling out.

Five plastic capsules contain everything kids need to build their new fashion doll. Shoes, hair, accessories — it’s all there! Four different themes of packages are in series one of the dolls, each of which has its own unique style. There’s Ctrl+Alt+Magic, Ram Rock, Giga Glam, and Sweet Circuits. Kids can either mix and match in one theme or buy multiple to get really creative! 

Collecting multiple packs means getting more customizable pieces. The doll can change over and over again. Look out for the rare and ultra-rare pieces: They’re things like cute ’70s-style jeans and a fashionable raincoat. There is even a rare fully outfitted doll called Make a Splash — she’s style icon meets mermaid!

The dolls come unassembled so kids can construct them and make all the design choices. Putting them together (or taking them apart) is super easy, and combining packs means multiple opportunities to create a unique and personal style for your Chix.

The dolls themselves are funky and cool. They have purple skin and bright makeup to ensure they really make a scene! There’s a convenient stand that can be built into one of the capsules to show off the dolls when they’re not in use, and each doll is poseable so she’ll still be funky sitting on a desk.