candy slime egg

This year, RedwoodVentures mixed surprise reveals and sweet treats when it introduced its Foodie Surprise Food Carts, which come with everything kids need to make their own gummy foods. Now, the Foodie Surprise line is getting even sweeter with new Candy Slime Eggs. 

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, the Candy Slime Eggs are more of an interactive candy than a traditional toy, but they make a great treat for any slime lover. Inside the egg, kids will find a cup of edible, sugary slime and a mystery bag of (also edible) mix-ins, such as glitter or fizzy candy. There is a surprise reveal element to the egg, too, because it will have one of six different slime flavors/colors inside: fruity (clear), cotton candy (pink), strawberry (red), orange (yellow), apple (green), or blueberry (blue). The mix-in is also different for each of the flavors.

The egg has a small spoon, which kids can use both to mix and to eat the slime, inside of it. Whether the slime is for playing or just for eating is ultimately a bit unclear. It is very sticky, so be prepared for significant clean-up if kids do decide to get their hands (or more realistically, fingers) in the sweet treat. It definitely isn’t designed to save for later, though, so kids should eat the slime fairly soon after opening it.

One thing to note, however, is that the egg and slime cup both have a rounded bottom, so neither can sit up on its own. Some kids may need an adult or friend’s help to either open the packet of mix-ins or to hold the cup of slime while they open, pour, and stir in the mix-ins. (It isn’t a one-hand job!)

While the slime is more for eating and less for playing, it is a (literally) sweet addition to the Foodie Surprise line!

Candy Slime Eggs are available in-store at Walmart.