Candy Crusher

Goal: $90,000
Funding Period: August 3
Creator: Barry Wilkinson

Candy Krusher gives kids tons of new ways for kids to enjoy their candy.

All kids need to do is knead any chewy candy to soften it up, then place it right in the Candy Krusher. The toy molds, varying from vehicles to an actual working whistle, will allow for some interesting creations. The mold will need to be placed on top of the candy and attached to the blue ring, and the creation is made when the lever is pushed down.

The creations can also be decorated with extra candy and food colors. Included in the Candy Krusher kit are the Candy Krusher machine along with 10 molds, including princess, pony, rocket ship and robot.

Kickstarter donations range from $1 to $140 and prizes include the Candy Krusher kit and a listing as a supporter on their page. If the campaign reaches its goal, then more packs will be created, including Minions and Disney molds.

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candy crusher 2