Source: Thames & Kosmos/the Toy Insider

It’s the claw! The Candy Claw Machine from Thames & Kosmos that is.

Kids can assemble their very own version of the arcade hall fave and learn about the science behind it on the way. No batteries or electricity is required — it runs on brainpower (and a little bit of candy).

The brainpower is what makes this toy so fun. While most of the time building a toy is just something in the way of you actually being able to play with it, the joy is in the journey for this machine. Parents and kids can spend an afternoon working together to experiment with gear ratios, hydraulics, and more. You can choose between three different claw shapes to pick up, move, and drop the candy.

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Few things are sweeter than the accessories that come along with this kit: 10 lollipops and some decoy candy boxes. When the machine is all set up, kids use the cranks, gears, and belts to move the arm around, pick up a piece of candy, and drop it in — no quarters required! Replace the candy with your household faves to make the win even more exciting.

As with all experiments, sometimes things can not go quite as planned. Thames & Kosmos has a video on troubleshooting that can help you through any common engineering mishaps. Check it out below! It helps explain things in a clear way for visual learners. Also for those who like to learn while watching, there’s a nearly 30-minute video with step-by-step assembly instructions. Find it here.

With the holidays coming up, the Candy Claw Machine doesn’t only make a fun gift, but it is something that families can do together in the warmth of their home. After spending the time bonding and building it, fill the machine with candy canes and chocolates at a family gathering so kids can challenge each other while parents fill up on eggnog.

The Candy Claw Machine grabs more than just candy. It’s a learning and bonding experience from start to finish. The arcade-hall fave suddenly just became much more homey.