calico critters village pizzeria

Mamma  mia! If there’s one thing we love, it’s pizza! And, of course, so do all the Calico Critters characters.

The Calico Critters Village is expanding. Now, the neighborhood Village sets and homes include a town pizzeria for the Critters to have some tasty pizza. New from Epoch Everlasting Play, the Calico Critters Village Pizzeria brings the cute, highly detailed sets together with our love of pizza.

Kids can furnish the pizza parlor set with a brick oven, a counter space to prep new pizza pies, a table and chairs for customers, and cookware and foodie topping accessories to complete playtime.

Designed for kids 3 and up, the pizza place set, much like other Calico Critters sets, is easy to assemble. Kids can snap the eatery’s storefront into place on the parquet-patterned floorboard. With other simple clicks, kids can swap around the play set as well.

With the set assembled, kids can set up furnishings and decorate the restaurant with stickers, appropriately designed for the dining establishment. The sticker sheet, available in both English and French, is numbered so kids know where to place each of them on the restaurant set. Kids can shift around the furnishings inside to renovate the shop’s décor to add different ways kids can play.

The accessories are tiny renderings of everything a pizzeria needs, including finished pies, a pizza cutter, Parmesan cheese and a cheese grater, a custom menu, dough and a rolling pin, and a brick oven with a pizza peel. Your critters can roll out pizza dough, use the peel to remove food from the oven, cut slices of the pies, and have fun at the restaurant. The tiny accessories can even fit perfectly in Bernard Marshmellow Mouse’s hands to hold.

Kids can connect the Village Pizzeria to other Calico Critters Village sets including the Cozy Cottage and the grocery store to complete the neighborhood.