Once upon a time, Stella Hopscotch Rabbit and her friends were sipping tea in her elegant town manor while reminiscing about the old days. They dreamt about the times when they played dress-up and pretended to be princesses.

That story is just the beginning of storytelling possibilities included in the box with the Calico Critters Elegant Town Manor Gift Set, from EpochWhile we can’t give spoilers, we can say that the story has Stella and her closest friends reliving their childhood within the comfort of her gorgeous home. They enjoy tea and fancy chocolates on a beautifully designed table  — all included.

Stella’s home is multiple shades of purple with a working chandelier for added elegance. The golden entryway greets guests approaching the foyer, where two additional floor pieces have been added to create more room for her guests to enjoy. 

Up the spiral staircase, Stella’s bedroom has a bed fit for a queen. It can sit nicely in the corner or anywhere else kids want it to. There are large windows and a balcony for keeping watch over her land.

Stella is included, but the rest of her friends will need to be purchased separately. It’s easy to combine her elegant manor with the rest of the Calico Critters Town Series for tons of fun. After their tea party, the friends can head out to grab some gelato or beautiful flowers. The house also connects to Stella’s design studio to create Stella’s Grand Residence! Directions for putting the story-world together are right on the box for easy access.

Kids will have fun coming up with their own stories for this set. The town truly opens up a world of possibilities.