The Calico Critters Baby Amusement Park (pictured center) is the centerpiece of Epoch Everlasting Play’s Calico Critters playset lineup this year. | Source: Epoch Everlasting Play

The Calico Critters probably have the tiniest “you must be this tall to ride” sign.

Step right up and get in line because we’re going to the carnival with Epoch Everlasting Play‘s latest playset for the tiny, fuzzy collectibles. The Calico Critters Baby Amusement Park is the main attraction for the pint-sized characters this holiday season.

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Made for preschoolers ages 3 and up, this interactive playset requires a one-time assembly of snap-together pieces. When it’s fully built, an amusement park adorned with a perfect pastel color palette awaits its customers — including Clara Pookie Panda Baby, Jamie Sweetpea Rabbit Baby, and Leah Persian Cat Baby, which all come inside the set. While kids can play with their entire Calico Critters Baby collection with this set (they can even can display up to 30 figures behind the amusement park), it’s important to note that this playset is sized specifically for the Calico Critters Baby figures.

The Adventure World section of the Calico Critters Baby Amusement Park featuring the Rocking Pirate Ship ride | Source: Epoch Everlasting Play

There are four main components for kids to explore: Cosmo World with a Rocket Ship Launcher Ride, Fantasy Land with the Turreted Castle, Adventure World with a Rocking Pirate Ship and Baby Go Karts, and Sweets World with a Ferris Wheel. No detail on this playset is left unnoticed as water swooshes with the direction of the Rocking Pirate Ship and the shooting star pivots along with the Rocket Ship Launcher. Kids can crank the working Ferris wheel to make the Calico Critters go ’round and ’round and race the babies in the Go-Kart track. 

The Calico Critters Baby Amusement Park is full of rides that kids can spend with their favorite Calico Critters Babies all day long. Let the imaginative play begin!