Caillou-Holiday-MovieChristmas is the time of the year when despite the cold weather, we feel warm and cheerful thanks to the love of our family and friends. And there’s no better way to spread the Christmas spirit to the little preschoolers in your life than with Caillou’s Holiday Movie, from DHX Media. The movie, directed by Nick Rijgersberg, is a special based on the TV series Caillou, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

Caillou’s Holiday Movie is a 80-minute Christmas tale for preschoolers that teaches and delights with messages of love, joy, and sharing—the real meaning behind celebrating the festival of reindeers and Santa, rather than just selfishly waiting to unwrap Christmas gifts. In the movie, 4-year-old Caillou must help his mother and father get ready for the Christmas festivities by lending a helping hand—and there’s plenty to do.

Snow that needs to be shoveled from the driveway, decorations need to be hung around the house, presents must be bought and wrapped, letters and cards with Christmas wishes have to be sent out, toys need to be donated, and, of course, the Christmas tree must be bought. Kids can watch as Caillou partakes in all of these activities with enthusiasm, and also helps his grandmother make cookies for her friends in the retirement home.

ScreenshotThe film educates kids in countless ways, including showing them how a post office works, explaining how the tradition of Christmas trees began in a small town in Germany, and the importance of donating your old toys.

Caillou’s Holiday Movie also helps celebrate diversity and inclusiveness. Caillou’s parents gift him a Christmas calendar featuring 12 twelve days leading up to the big day. Each day Caillou opens one window in the tree to unravel a new bedtime story that his parents narrate to him about how Christmas is celebrated in another part of the world. This way he learns about the Christmas traditions of France, Denmark, Turkey, England, Germany, and Mexico.

With the help of this calendar, Caillou also learns the story of Santa, what Santa is called in other countries, and why kids started hanging Christmas stockings by the fireside in the first place. Caillou has friends who are from diverse cultures and celebrate different holidays, as well. For example, Caillou helps his Jewish friend prepare for Hanukkah celebrations at his house, playing Dreidel, learning about the Candelabrum, and making Happy Hanukkah cards.

Caillou’s Holiday Movie, just like any Christmas gift, has a few bonus features, including an interview with Caillou and two holiday songs 8 Days To Go and Caillou’s Christmas Song.

The holiday special is a story about togetherness and familial love. The surprise presents that Caillou and his younger sister give one another and their parents show how much they care for each other, and in the end, the joy of Christmas is celebrated when Caillou and his family all come together to enjoy a specially prepared Christmas feast.