A classic brand just got an upgrade.

Wicked Cool Toys is bringing a completely new interactive experience to Cabbage Patch Kids with the Baby So Real doll. The baby doll features all of the nostalgic elements that parents will remember from their own, including the classic look, baby powder scent, and printed adoption certificate. But with Baby So Real, kids will get to play in a new interactive way.

The biggest change is the animated LCD eyes that can open, close, blink, and look around. This feature alone transforms the whole play experience and makes it feel as though the doll is an actual baby. Baby So Real will also make real, lifelike baby sounds and realistic random reactions, and comes with a bottle and spoon for kids to feed it. It will also talk and let kids know what it wants or if it just wants to play. Kids will learn how to take care of their babies, which fosters their nurturing skills and enhances their social-emotional development.

The interactive magic is in Baby So Real’s sensors, which let kids play peek-a-boo and tickle, feed from a bottle, burp, and diaper change their doll. Kids can even rock it to sleep—and like a real baby, it won’t fall asleep right away. If the doll gets sick, kids can nurse it back to health using medicine. The babies are totally on trend with today’s kids. My Baby So Real, named Brittany Adelaine, wore a super soft striped purple onesie with an embroidered cat and a hat with cute cat ears and a bow (#trendy).

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-2-07-08-pmKids can download the free app to take playtime to the next level. The app will simulate a baby monitor, and it lets kids play with the doll in-app at a nursery. When kids play with the doll in real life, the app will mimic what is going on using Bluetooth technology. The best part is that kids don’t have to play with the app and the doll together—they can play with just the doll or just the app, depending on their mood.

My favorite feature of the app is the retro TV in the corner with a stack of VHS tapes. When kids tap on the TV, videos of the original Cabbage Patch Kids will play, which is an adorable homage to the dolls that came out 33 years ago! Kids can also play a couple of included games.

The more kids play with the baby in the app, including feeding, burping, playing, changing, giving medicine, and putting it to sleep, the more Baby Points they will get, which lets them virtually purchase accessories, fashions, play room decor, and more. Parents will appreciate that this app features no in-app purchases.

Baby So Real combines traditional play patterns and technology to update the nostalgic brand for a whole new generation of kids.