The day is hot, it’s the middle of summer, and sweat is dripping down the face of millions of kids on summer break. It’s the perfect day to fill up some water balloons and get the neighborhood in on an intense water war, the battlefields spreading across several yards.

The battle has already begun, balloons and streams of water flying through the air. But there you are, stuck at a hose that’s all tangled up and can’t take you as far as you need to go to hide from the crossfire. You are soaked and defeated before even launching your first water grenade.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, you know. The days of spending more time preparing for a water fight than actually drenching your rivals are no longer. The Bunch O Balloons Filler/Soaker, from Zuru, is a water blaster that doubles as a way of filling up Bunch O Balloons water balloons, making the entire process portable.

Things were revolutionary when Bunch O Balloons allowed us to fill 100 balloons in a minute, already tied up and ready to be chucked at our enemies. But now it’s going a step further. Of course the Bunch O Balloons can be filled with a hose or at a spout, but those aren’t always accessible when you’re hiding in the bushes or behind a pool floaty during an intense water balloon fight. The Bunch O Balloons Filler/Soaker is there to fill the balloons remotely, whatever your water supply may be from.

This multifunctional water toy comes with three Bunch O Balloons, which can be replaced with refill packs when you’ve run out, even ones that have Despicable Me Minions on them. When filling the balloons, the Bunch O Balloons easily screw onto the end of the blaster. Then there is a valve on the bottom that when submerged in water (like a pool), it allows a steady stream of water as you fill the balloons.

When the water balloon ammunition has run out and your arm has become a bit sore from pelting so many balloons at your unsuspecting foes, the filler then transitions into it’s soaker duty. It functions as a water blaster than can marinate the enemies from 30 feet away. Just stick the blaster into water, and fill it up the same way you’d fill it up for the balloons.

The Bunch O Balloons Filler/Soaker is a lightweight blaster that is fairly compact, making it easy to run around with or store without taking up much space. It’s great for the pool, beach, or wherever else kids may be having a water party and are prepared to bring it to the next level.