It’s all about the ~asthetics.~

KEVA Color Pops is the most color-pleasing construction toy that my eyes have ever feasted. The wooden planks, form MindWare, make constructing shapes, symbols, towers, and all kinds of other designs, not only an architectural adventure, but also a calming project.

The sets includes 100 wooden planks that are available in two different styles: teal and purple. Additionally, each set features the blocks in an ombré color palette. For example, the teal set has four kinds of different colored blocks that range from dark teal to white. This makes creations visually appealing because of the way that the colors flow.

In addition to the soothing color scheme, the blocks are also constructed using the Fibonacci sequence, which is based off of the number sequence one, three, and five. There’s obviously a lot of carefully crafted numbers and ratios involved here, but I’m no Albert Einstein… so I digress. While the included builder book goes into much better detail, to put it in layman’s terms, the blocks’ proportions were created using this sequence so that builders can create pleasing-to-the eye designs. Every KEVA plank is the same size, allowing kids to combine their sets to build structures and test out balance and proportion properties.

I’ve built with a lot of blocks in my day, but this set is definitely up there on my list. Unlike some plastic or even poorly constructed wooden planks, the KEVA planks are sturdy and durable, so that stacking up doesn’t become an impossible feat. Better yet, once a design is built with a strong foundation, the slight move of a table or shake of the wrist doesn’t necessarily mean the entire creation will come crumbling down.

MindWare’s new KEVA sets allow kids—and even adults—to start thinking like an engineer or mathematician, while also tapping into their inner artists.