Bring the Magic Home with the Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station

full9Kids can now stuff, dress, and cuddle their very own furry friend in the comfort of their homes with the Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station, from Spin Master.

This adorable DIY activity set includes everything kids need to make two miniature-sized bears, a stuffing machine, two outfits, two birth certificates, two hearts, 22 paper accessories, and more. Additional furry friends and outfits are sold separately.

Kids will have a blast bringing the Build-a-Bear Workshop experience home with them. The first step is to load a bag of fluffy stuffing into the stuffing machine. Then, kids choose either a brown or pink body and stuff the bear by placing the back opening of their furry friend over the stuffing station, and then crank the handle so the stuffing fills the bear. As kids turn the crank, they will feel the tummy of their bear getting full of love and see their new friend come to life. They then write a wish on a paper heart, fold it, place it inside the heart locket, and put the heart locket inside their furry friend. Next, they close the safety zipper, and their new BFF is ready for some cuddle time.

Next, kids can customize their furry friends with individual outfits, birth certificates, and names. I chose to stuff an adorable pink teddy bear, dressed her up with a cool cat T-shirt, and named her Lilly.

Kids ages 4 and up and DIY lovers of any age will enjoy creating their own Build-A-Bear furry friends and can collect or share them with a friend or loved one. Plus, after all the fun of making something of their very own, kids get to enjoy a snuggly friend.



Manufacturer: Spin Master
MSRP: $29.99

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