GlistenYou’re never too old to experience the magic of building your own personal plush.

Build-A-Bear gives me kids the opportunity to bring a new friend to life, making each plush pal so more than just another a stuffed animal. Instead, they are completely personalized playmates. Stuffing the new toy and getting its little heart beating is easy, so the hard part comes first. Which stuffed animal do you choose?

My decision just got harder, but all of my Christmas Time dreams came true with the launch of Build-A-Bear’s new Merry Mission Reindeer. Santa’s reindeer helpers can come home with you in the form of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid Donner, Blitzen, and (drum roll please) Glisten. 

Each reindeer has its own distinct look and personality, so kids can choose the reindeer that best fits their personality. Dancer’s sparkly fur complements her ballerina tutu, perfect for twirling through the Christmas Eve sky. Dasher looks ready to coach the reindeer track team in his sweatsuit and baseball hat (not to mention his super soft fur). Donner’s construction hat and vest make him ready to get the sleigh in tip-top shape before its yearly journey. Glisten lives up to her name with a shiny cape, sparkly fur, and antlers that light up.

Kids can deck out their reindeer with accessories like sequined shoes, trendy exercise apparel, dresses, and more. Each reindeer comes with a medallion that not only has its name, but also unlocks an exclusive free app where kids can play with their new reindeer online.

Each reindeer inspires holiday play and brings one of the most timeless stories to kids just in time for the holidays. Santa’s stuffed helpers can keep kids company on Christmas Eve while their reindeer-counterparts are busy getting Santa where he needs to go.