K.K. Slider is Build-A-Bear’s newest Animal Crossing addition. | Source: Build-A-Bear.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons exploded in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, and anyone looking for stuffed friends should look no further than Build-A-Bear as the brand expands its Animal Crossing collection. K.K. Slider is joining characters Isabelle and Tom Nook with some super-cool features, including music!

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, white terrier K.K. Slider is known for giving weekly concerts for any player who wants to listen. He’s rarely seen without his trusty guitar and Build-A-Bear’s plush version of K.K. includes the instrument. Build-A-Bear is offering a special bundle that allows fans to add music elements to their plush characters, including the opening theme song from Animal Crossing: New Horizons or the “K.K. Disco” song. Kids can press the dog’s paw to make the tune play for a real-life K.K. Slider concert!

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Head to buildabear.com to check out the full Animal Crossing collection. The guitar-playing dog will also make his way to Build-A-Bear stores this summer. Kids can also customize Build-A-Bear’s Tom Nook and Isabelle with seasonal attire or choose to stuff them with either theme music or their iconic babblings from the game, just like K.K.