The Lord of the Rings Gandalf BST AXN Action Figure | Source: the Toy Insider

Imagine a world where Buffy the Vampire Slayer can take on Kakashi Hatake from Naruto Shippuden or KISS can rock out with Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Rings. Kids can combine the best characters from anime, sci-fi, action-adventure, music, and other pop culture worlds with the BST AXN figures line from The Loyal Subjects.

The BST AXN figures are just that: the best action figures around with their articulation, accessories, and assortment. Designed for kids ages 8 and up, the line offers a wide array of figures from different fandoms, including characters like Aang the Airbender, Angus Young from AC/DC, Cowboy Bebop, Napoleon Dynamite, and more.

Each BST AXN figure is equal in size, standing at 5 inches tall with a 1:15 scale. They are all full of articulation to ensure that older kids can pose their figures in a variety of ways, and some are more poseable than others. Some figures feature 22 points of articulation while others have up to 31 points of articulation.

BST AXN Action Figure Assortment | Source: The Loyal Subjects/the Toy Insider

The figures are very steady so kids can spend a lot of time playing with them to recreate scenes from the shows they love without dealing with wobbly leg syndrome or worrying about the characters toppling over. Some of the figures’ joints, such as the knees and elbows, have a “clicking” feel to secure a strong pose that will last to help kids role play with them. For example, kids can pose the Napoleon Dynamite figure in every single dance pose from the final moments of the film. Each figure’s unique expression really adds to the storytelling aspect as well.

Each figure comes with its own accessories, such as different hands, weapons, musical instruments, and more, depending on the character. The accessories are tailored to the character and kids can change out the hands to make the characters hold certain items. Gene Simmons comes with two hands, two different guitars, and a microphone stand, while Gandalf includes two hands, a staff, and a sword.

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The accessories are tiny and it take a little effort to place them in the characters’ hands, but once they are in, they will stay secure. Switching out the different hands is much easier to do. You can feel them lock into place and they make a satisfying pop when you pull them out. However, some paint does seem to flake off with each pull and pop of a hand.

These expressive figures can provide hours of play for tweens and collectors alike with their advanced poseability and accessory options. More figures coming in future waves means even more worlds for kids to create.