Life’s a balance; and now, so is game night.

Brynk, from Winning Moves Games, teeters on the edge of high-key stress and family fun. Designed for players ages 7 and up, Brynk is a refreshing take on wobbly, don’t-let-it-fall gameplay that the entire family can enjoy.

Setup is a breeze. The cylinder game unit doubles as a storage container, so players can simply extract all of the pieces and flip it upside down so that the dished (indented) surface is on top. Place the Tri-Slider in the center, then set the Balancing Base on top, and game on!

Players can choose from a yellow triangle, orange square, or blue pentagon piece, each of which has a notch on all sides. Once the player chooses his or her piece, he or she must strategically hook it onto the Brynk tower. As pieces pile up, the tower constantly teeters and totters back and forth while the Tri-Slider piece rolls around the dished base.

Players continue taking turns until the pieces fall. When they do, the player who last added a piece is out of the game. If the entire tower topples, the game is over, and the last player who successfully placed a piece is the winner.

The game involves a lot of strategy. Players can choose to try and get the tower as high as they can, or they can take risks and create unbalanced structures in an effort to make the other players’ next moves more challenging.

Players can add some unique rules into the mix once they get the hang of the game. Try putting only the orange pieces on the tower, followed by only the blue. Or, try making a pattern with the colored pieces to make things more challenging.

The game unexpectedly teaches kids some important STEM concepts, including shapes, patterns, counting, and balance. Plus, the convenient storage unit makes the game perfect for travel and/or squeezing into a packed game closet or under a coffee table.

Overall, Brynk provides kids ands adults alike with a unique game experience that is fast-paced, exciting, and stealthily educational.