Game night just got a little bit sweeter.

Brownie Match, from Educational Insights, is a fudge-filled memory game for two to four players ages 4 and up. Setup is a snap: Kids scatter all of the brownie pieces with the sprinkle sides facing up in the bottom of the game box and grab a cardboard plate. Players take turns spinning the spinner to land on a number or a special spot. Then, players use the spatula to try to find a brownie with the number that matches what’s on the spinner. But special spins like burnt brownies and spilt milk keep the game interesting. Some spaces will let players make a bonus move or steal a brownie from another player, while others will result in a lost turn. When players find a matching brownie, they get to add the piece to their plate! The first player to pile their plate with five brownies is the winner.


Brownie Match is a creative and adorable game, but it also has some sweet learning benefits baked in. When kids turn over a brownie that doesn’t match their number, they can try to memorize where the brownie is for their next turn, helping sharpen their memory skills. Kids will also practice numeral recognition, and enhance their fine motor skills as they use the spatula to lift and flip each brownie piece.

Gameplay takes about 15 minutes per round, so kids can enjoy multiple rounds each time they break out this game for some sweet fun. The spinner features cute and colorful illustrated images rather than words, so the game doesn’t require any reading as long as parents are nearby to explain what each special spin entails, until kids can memorize the rules for themselves.

The friendly, competitive game will help kids learn to share and teach them how to take turns and be patient while someone else is moving, developing their social skills as well. Brownie Match is an original, scrumptious addition to game night.