Cardinal_Hollywood Game NightHollywood Game Night, from Cardinal Industries and NBC Universal, is a fun card game for kids and adults ages 12 and up. Based on the TV show of the same name hosted by Jane Lynch, now families and friends can have a great night-in as hilarity ensues from fun challenges and team play. One of my favorite things about the TV show is Lynch herself, and lucky for me, her face is literally all over the game. It’s amazing. The included scoring card even resembles her cue cards (with the addition of her face, of course). In this fun party game, players prove their knowledge of pop culture along with some other less obvious talents, all while they foster a hearty sense of competition… all in good fun, of course. The best part about Hollywood Game Night is that you get five different games in one box for an ultra affordable price. There are five different card types, including TV ID, where players have to guess a series title based on minimal clues from another player. This card could be the most challenging for younger players, since there are tons of classic series (Good Times, Leave it to Beaver, Sandford and Son) in addition to current, more well-known ones (The Real World, Top Chef, The Big Bang Theory). My absolute favorite mini game is How Do You Doo?, in which players must “sing” a song for the other players to guess using only the word “doo!” This card is by far the most laughter inducing, I couldn’t even get through a verse without cracking up (and angering the other players, since time is a-tickin’!). Additional games include a play on charades, a guessing game with only one hint allowed, and one that challenges players to guess celebrity names. So, all that’s really missing is Adam Scott (or whoever your celebrity crush is) and a whole lot of sarcasm (which, you know, you sort of just have to provide yourself).