Goal: $30,000
Funding Period: Until July 22
Stretch Goal: $50,000
Creator: Jolt Team

Homes become roller coaster obstacle courses with Brik Ball, a marble run set compatible with major brick brands such as BRIK, LEGO, Mega Bloks, and KRE-O. Brik Ball is Jolt Team’s third Kickstarter campaign, which comes on the heels of Brik Book and Brik Tile, and is designed to enhance the creations that come from brick-building toys.

The kit’s starter set includes four-inch track pieces, arm and base connectors, extension polls, and three balls. Builders can set up a course along horizontal, vertical, and brick toy surfaces, drop a ball on the track and let it roll through various obstacles. The kit is designed to build on STEM skills and can be used to make mouse traps, cause chain reactions, create machines, and practice physics and engineering skills.

Brik Ball also works with the Brik Tile, the removable brick-compatible wall tiles, so builders can attach the tracks along the walls for a gravity-powered run. Backers who lack inspiration for the perfect gravity-defying course will have access to free downloadable templates they can print off to add to their creations, such as a funnel for tracks to empty the balls into.

Kickstarter donations range from $2 to $779. Prizes include a Brik Ball starter set, a 670-piece Edison set, and a 1,689-piece Da Vinci set. If the campaign reaches its $50,000 stretch goal, the funds will go toward an “It Glows” kit. The campaign also has larger stretch goals of $100,000 and $150,000, with additions not yet detailed.

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