brightlings_spin-masterNowadays, it’s hard to walk into a toy store without marveling at the fact that half the toys in that store are smarter than you. With R/Cs, drones, tablets, and smartwatches that defy all odds, traditional toys sometimes get the short end of it. Luckily, Brightlings from Spin Master have all the qualities that kids—and adults—love about traditional plush, as well as interactive tech features that will keep kids entertained for hours of play.

The 15-inch plush dolls are available in teal, pink, or purple and have fun styles to match their personalities. For example, they all have metallic ears, and either a metallic belly or metallic legs. Additionally, the dolls have fun patterns, such as rainbow-colored stripes on the legs, or floral prints on the belly. The dolls are all soft and huggable, except for their faces, which are heart-shaped and change color depending on the action that the doll is performing.

Like I said, these aren’t your ordinary plush. The spunky dolls interact with kids in three different modes—play, repeat, and music—and kids can easily switch from mode to mode when they squeeze their doll’s left hand. In play mode, the doll will chat up a storm and has more than 100 different phrases. One of my favorites is when a Brightlings says she’s “freeeezing” and needs a hug. Smooth move—I’ll have to try that out some time, too. The more kids play with their huggable friend, the more phrases and fun noises they will unlock.


With the repeat mode, the doll will record what kids say, and then plays it back in a funny voice. All kids have to do is press the doll’s ear, say whatever they want, and then press the tummy for her to repeat it. Kids can add even more laughs when they tilt the doll left and right while she speaks. Now listen as her voice changes from extremely deep to extremely high-pitched (I’m talking balloon helium-high-pitched).

Another thing that you should know about Brightlings is that they’ve got the rhythm in them. In music mode the plush doll will sing songs in six different styles including pop, rock, jazz, beat box, yodel, and opera. Now, that is one sophisticated chick.

Spin Master bridges old and new with Brightlings plush dolls. They’re cute and cuddly, but full of personality through all the features that each doll possesses.