mane beauty styling heads

Want to create hairstyles that are truly Best in Show? These new horse styling heads from Breyer will show you how!

Breyer Mane Beauty Styling Heads are super fun for horse lovers and stylists-in-training. They come with everything kids need to style up their brand new pony friends, including a mane comb, two mane clips, four mane spirals, and 50 mane elastics.

The included styling book guides kid through different patterns and styles, so they can glam up their equine however they please. Of course, these guides help kids get really good at mastering the skills, but they can also create any styles they want. They can do super simple braids or go for a more complicated lattice — either way, their model will stay perfectly still so they can take as little or as much time as they need.

The best part about these? The luxurious, long, beautiful manes are actually made of tangle-free hair (super jealous!). That means that kids can practice their braiding, weaving, and other styling over and over again until they master it without getting frustrated by knots, tangles, and frizz.

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The horses are available in three colors, realistically sculpted, and affordable enough that if you wanted more than one, they’re definitely at an accessible price point. Once kids are done prettying up their pony, they also make a nice display piece that kids can leave out on a shelf or a desk in their rooms if they wanted to, instead of packing it away in a toy box.

Whether they’re equestrian fans or just love a good braid, kids will be giddy for all the fun that’s packed into the Breyer Mane Beauty Styling Heads!