Sometimes a square is just a square, and a circle is just a circle. But sometimes, a square is a present that houses a gift you’ve always wanted, and a circle is the brightest sun in the sky on a beautiful, cloudless day.

Brainspin, one of Winning Moves Games‘ newest games, is a card game that challenges players to see shapes and images in a whole new way. Each card has a different image on it, and players must think of as many things they see as they can. The game is officially for players ages 7 and up, but I think that kids younger than that can get in on the fun, and it’s a really fun party game to play with as many players as you want.

The best part about Brainspin is that you can start playing right away. There is no instruction pamphlet that takes five minutes just to open up and read and another 10 minutes to understand what the heck is going on. Gameplay is as simple and effortless as it is just thinking and having a good time.

To begin a game, players place a card face up on the table. Then, they write a list of all the things they see in the image for a minute. Repeat for three cards, and then compare lists and earn points for each unique interpretation. Pro tip: Spin the card around sideways and upside down—it really helps see the images in a different perspective! Each unique interpretation earns a point, and as long as you can convince all players your thought process, then you get the point. The highest number of points wins the round, and there are as many rounds as players decide they want to play.

For example, look at this card above. What do you see? A line with two circles, right? But what do you really see—and think a little harder this time! I see a segment of a line that doesn’t end (thanks, high school math), the dumbbells I ignored during my workout yesterday, and Baymax’s eyes from Big Hero 6 (but more like Bae-max, amirite?). 

Let’s play again! On the left I see the Gemini symbol (shout out for now officially being Gemini season), ancient Roman columns, and a bird’s eye view of a bed. On the right, I see the mallet the Sweet Suite team used to play carnival games at the Blogger Bash closing party last year, a mailbox, and a very trendy frying pan. Comment below what you see!

Brainspin brings simple laugh out loud fun to any group playing. As uncomplicated as this game seems, it really pushes you to think outside the box and think really creatively. It also shows you how your friends think, and it’s even funnier when more than one person comes up with the same interpretation of a card.

The game also encourages visual thinking and design mindset for kids, and teambuilding for adults. It can even be used an icebreaker, and I quite honestly would have much rather played this game during “get-to-know-you” sessions in settings like camp and college orientation.

The game comes with 54 cards, and two are left blank so players can draw their own shapes. Or, there are 6 new shapes players can exclusively download on Winning Moves Games’ website or social media channels.