This dinosaur got himself covered in Pinkify Braini Putti.

Step aside, Play-Doh and slime. There’s a new oooey gooey substance that kids are going to want to get their hands on STAT. It’s called Braini Putti, from ORB, and it’s super addicting.

Imagine what a brain feels like. That’s basically what Braini Putti feels like, sans the slimy and gag-worthy part. Brain Putti comes in a slew of magical glittery colors. It can bounce, stretch, snap and—for the more daring kids—MELT. Braini Putti feels like nothing you’ve ever felt.

Looks like someone took a shower in Aquatica Braini Putti.

Unlike other handheld compounds, Braini Putti doesn’t dry out or break easily. Kids will be surprised by how thin they can stretch it before it starts to snap. Kids can roll it up into a ball and squeeze, bounce, or they can flatten it out and design cool figures and shapes. It reminded me a little of ORB’s Soft ‘N Slo Squishies, as I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing for my putti at my desk. Braini Putti is very therapeutic to squeeze and I’m a sucker for tactile toys.

What makes Braini Putti even more fun is the neat colors it comes in: Pinkify (pink), Goldify (gold), Cosmoid (blue), Mercuria (metallic), Aquatica (aquatic-themed), Gloflo (glow-in-the dark neon green) and Violetic (violet). The colors look like they were transported from another dimension.

Nope, we’re not lion! Gloflo Braini Putti glows in the dark!

While Braini Putti is meltable, and can transform into a gooey slime-like substance, I personally suggest leaving it in it’s original putti form. There are so many more ways to play when it’s putti and not some glittery elixir.

Are you ready to putti this putti in your kids hands? Check out the video below!