Kids are bursting with creativity, and many toys can harness that creativity and turn it into a valuable learning tool—especially in the STEM arena. While building toys that provide kids numbered instructions on how to build something specific are great, those that encourage open-ended, imaginative play are even better. brackitz does exactly that. Made entirely in the U.S., brackitz is a new specialty building system featuring 4-inch wooden planks and 90- and 120-degree angle connectors in iridescent green, blue, red, and orange.

brackitzKids can connect the planks any way they can imagine, creating unique 3-D structures that are extremely sturdy. The bright connectors also add some fun, colorful play into the construction mix, while the natural wood gives the structures a realistic feel. Kids can build up and out, with structures that appear to defy gravity. They can even withstand a descent amount of pressure and weight without collapsing—very important for kids, especially when they’ve invested lots of time and energy into their creation.

brackitz are safe for kids ages 3 and up—but I recommend them for a slightly older audience of kids ages 6 and up. The wooden planks fit snuggly inside of the connectors, and kids with more developed dexterity will have an easier time building than younger kids will.

Kits are available in 50-, 100-, or 200-piece counts, and all brackitz kits are compatible, allowing kids to build enormous structures as big as their imaginations.

Helping teach kids about angles, architecture, engineering, and more, brackitz is a great new STEM-based, home-grown building system for kids that will help creativity soar.