Online shopping is my addiction. Coming home to that package on my doorstep, tearing open the box, rifling through the shipping confetti, and peeling back the tissue paper to reveal whatever shiny new gift is inside (#treatyoself).

Boxy Girls, by Jay@Play, feeds into this addiction with a whole new take on the thrill of getting something in the mail. Playing into the super popular unboxing and blind bag trends, each doll comes with four little packages chock full of surprises that kids can open.

The fun starts before kids even get to the doll and the miniature Boxy Girls packages, with the larger package of the toy as a whole. There’s a “Tear Here” strip at the top of the box so that kids can open it the same way they would a package that comes in the mail, rather than a doll they bought at the toy store. The outside of the box is decorated with mailing labels that say things like “fragile,” “keep dry,” and “this way up.”

Once kids open the larger package, they’ll find their Boxy Girl doll, and the four mini boxes that their doll ordered online, from a fictional store called “Boxy Girls.” Each mini package looks just like a real shipping box, only shrunken down. They are cardboard boxes about 1 inch x 1 inch, complete with shipping labels, “handle with care” stickers, and shipping tape that kids can tear open.

Some items are wrapped delicately in tissue paper that needs to be unraveled, while others are boxed up in packing material and paper confetti. Kids can unbox the mini packages to find what the dolls ordered, including things like purple hair extensions, oversized green earrings, purple heels, and a purse shaped like a lime slice that I need IRL. The boxes have different printed designs inside – like flowers, flamingos, or pineapples – that add to the surprise. They also come with stickers and thank you notes.

All of the gifts can be used as accessories for the doll so kids can continue to play even after everything is unboxed. The dolls are 8 inches tall and feature five points of articulation. They each have an identity, like Riley the music-lover with the long black hair and the cat-eared headphones, Brooklyn the trendsetter with the big yellow bow and watermelon-print dress, Willa the boho chick who loves flamingos and flip flops, or Nomi the party girl with the leopard print and space buns.

There’s also a Boxy Girls Fashion Pack, which includes six more packages of fashion surprises, without the doll, so kids can continue to collect accessories to dress up the dolls they already own.

There’s nothing like the rush of receiving a package, so let the unboxing begin!