boxy girls

Online shopping is so much fun: The rush of choosing your favorites and waiting with bated breath for their anticipated arrival in the mail, carefully wrapped in pretty packaging; and the Boxy Girls know those feelings of joy all too well.

Jay@Play introduces several new additions to the Boxy Girls family. Complete with all-new surprises, these girls are ready to shop till they drop. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, these new Target exclusives include fun new fashions for kids to unbox. This new range includes the UnboxMe dolls, the Peek-a-Box set, the Boxy Girls Studio, and the precious, pint-sized Boxy Babies — all based on the original unboxing and shopping dolls.

It’s time to get unboxing! There are 36 UnboxMe dolls to unwrap and reveal what’s inside. While the original dolls come with shipping boxes to open and a doll visible in the packaging, this time, the doll itself is the surprise! Each package comes sealed so kids can discover which doll has arrived at their front door. Kids start by ripping open the packaging to find out which doll — including several mystery figures in the series — is inside. While the package includes a singular doll and just the outfit on her back, the range includes more fashion dolls to collect, each sold separately. Although there’s only one doll per package, each one features super cute styling options to fit their unique personality and fashion sense.


Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-Box is the ultimate unboxing set. The miniature Boxy Girl’s house comes inside a shipping box filled to the brim with additional surprises for kids to discover. (Someone takes her shopping very seriously!) This play set includes six boxes inside the plastic purple box, which opens to reveal a closet for a mini-doll. Open up the lid to find a mini Boxy Girl and an assortment of six large and small boxes. Boxes include dresses, purses, and shoes for the doll, including new couture and luxe fashion finds. Kids won’t be able to wait to discover the shopping surprises waiting inside the box-within-a-box set!

boxy girls

It’s time to deck out your Boxy Girl’s home with the Boxy Girls Studio. The studio apartment play set works with any Boxy Girls doll and comes with her pet puppy, Seven; bonus furniture; and four boxes. Kids can unbox makeup, shoes, bags, and more. The set includes four different pieces that kids can snap together to mix and match the walls of her humble, 3D abode. The walls have one-sided cardboard inserts that illustrate additional furnishings and decor. The corners of each wall piece easily snap together to form the 3D studio. The pieces fit together in a variety of ways; however, it helps to start with the main back piece and the floor. From there, fit each slot into the corresponding space on the opposite wall piece. Then, you can easily add the other sides, focusing on fitting in one side at a time.

boxy girls

Many shopping patterns are inherited traits — right?? So, like mother, like daughter, it’s time to pass the shopping sprees down to Boxy Babies. These larger baby dolls come dressed in cute outfits and have their own baby supplies that kids can order and unbox. Each heavier-plastic, chubby doll has colorful hair, a fun headband accessory, and a mouth hole to suck on a pacifier or bottle. Since this baby likes to shop, kids can unbox their doll’s surprises, including a baby outfit, a diaper, and a bottle. There are five babies in total, each with their own personality and theme: Tini, Addison, Charlie, Izzie, and Paisley. While the previous Boxy additions are primarily the same size so kids can swap accessories, clothes, and play sets, the Babies are larger.

The Babies come in multiple sizes, including medium-sized, plastic dolls and larger dolls with soft bodies and oversized heads. These larger baby dolls have real, crushable hair and come with two boxes to open each. The bigger ones — Eevie, Northy, Molly, and Saylor — are exactly the same as the other, smaller Babies, just larger and softer. The Babies come with a pacifier, a fabric diaper, and an ice cream rattle. The Babies are unevenly balanced due to their large heads, so it is difficult for each to stand on their own without a doll stand or with their legs splayed out and seated.

There’s also a limited-edition Triplets Surprise pack available — because three is better than one! Kids can unbox a trio of Kiley and her mystery siblings, Wiley and Miley, plus 12 shipping boxes full of baby surprises. The three dolls come in an octagonal carrying case and are a bit smaller than the regular-sized baby doll. The dolls come in the package naked, so it is almost as if the box is the womb and these three womb-mates are born and ready for playtime. Then, it’s up to Mommy to unbox their diapers and cute outfits! The clothes easily wrap around the doll’s bodies thanks to a slit down the back that kids can slide apart. The limited-edition box also includes plenty of boxes in different sizes, full of headbands, pacifiers, dresses, diapers, and bottles to reveal. 

Now, it’s time to shop till you drop!