Jakks Pacific Bowser's Castle Playset

Super Mario gets around. And now Bowser’s here to play, too.

The beloved video game franchise is everywhere this year, encouraging kids and adults alike to engage with Nintendo’s classic game in new ways.

With Jakks Pacific’s new Bowser Castle Playset, kids can explore Bowser’s castle and really bring the game to life. The play set’s mechanisms and sounds are interactive and promote classic, imaginative play: The lift moves up and down, the fireballs spin left and right, and the cage bottom opens up.

Jakks Pacific Bowser's Castle Playset

Kids will be further engaged as they work to defeat Bowser by pressing the exclamation switch to drop the displaced king into the lava below. They can press the top spire to trigger authentic, in-game sounds and music, too! Kids ages 3 and up will find themselves creating brand-new storylines and adventures using the exclusive 2.5-inch Bowser figure.

But don’t worry, we know the villainous Koopa King is happiest when he has some fellow characters to marshall and order around. An assortment of different 2.5-inch figures is available to round out any playful (or battle-charged) scenario and accompany the included Bowser figure. Characters include Odyssey Mario, Ice Hammer Bro, Yoshi, Cheep Cheep, and Wedding Outfit Mario. The additional figures (sold separately) are compatible with the play set.

All that’s left to do is plan your gate-storming strategy!