Mattel_BounceOffWhen it came to family game night growing up, I would brag about my gaming “talents,” and let it be known that I would be the ultimate winner by the end of the night (mostly because I knew it annoyed the heck out of my older sister). Charming, right?

Enter Bounce Off, the latest game from Mattel. This would have been the perfect game for me growing up. Written right in the rules—No. 1 actually—states “trash talk your opponent.” Now, I don’t know about you, but a direction like that is sure to lure me in. I was so excited to play.

First of all, the packaging is extremely entertaining. Branded as the winner of “Absolutely Nothing” this quirky game challenges two to four players ages 7 and up to bounce a ball, either green or blue, into a playing grid to match the pattern on a chosen card. Get a match? Grab another one!

Naturally, I chose to be a member of the green team. Battling against my non-existent blue team opponent, I carefully bounced my green balls into the slots, attempting to configure the balls in an “L” shape.

Either I have terrible aim, or this game is truly a challenge—probably a combination of both. I then set out to conquer one of the easier configurations—a square. After a few tries, and crawling under a few tables to retrieve my lost balls, I was able to align them perfectly.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to test their coordination while having a few laughs, and some great fun. Although the game requires seemingly little skill, be prepared to focus! The final rule—once you win of course—is to gloat in your accomplishments to your opponent. Because, as the box says, “winning this game really does make you the better person.”