Get ready to flip out.

If you’re not sure why videos of kids flipping water bottles have been flooding your newsfeed this year, then you clearly haven’t given the fad a try. As simple as it may sound, Bottle Flip challenges are surprisingly addicting and wildly thrilling.

Now, kids can further feast their obsession with Bottle Flip The Board Game, from Edge Innovations. Kids duke it out and complete different bottle-flipping challenges to earn points. The first player to rack up the highest score and reach the top of the bottle scoreboard wins.

To start, each player chooses a colored bottle cap playing piece, places it on the scoreboard, and places the game cards face down near the scoreboard. For the ultimate fun, the game board is best when played on the floor.

To get the game rolling, players take turns attempting to flip and land the bottle fully inside the target on the game board. Where a bottle lands on the target will determine how much the challenge for that round is worth. The first player who manages to land on a target gets to choose whether to play or pass a challenge card to a player of his or her’s choice. The player must make this decision before drawing a card.

If a player decides to play a card and completes the action successfully, he or she gets to move ahead on the scoreboard. Or, if he or she chooses to pass the challenge to another player, he or she will only get to move ahead if that player fails (because there is nothing like wishing failure upon your closest friends!). If the chosen player beats the odds and prevails, then he or she gets to move ahead, in addition to endless bragging rights.

There are several different kinds of cards that players may draw that will decide whether it will be an individual challenge, a face off, or a group effort. The Extreme Challenge card is the most difficult challenge card and also states how many attempts the player is allotted to complete the challenge. A  Board Challenge card requires a player to refer to the board to see how many bottle flips must be attempted. The Face Off card is a battle between two players to see who can complete the challenge first. The All Out Flip Out calls for all players to duke it out.

The Luck of the Draw and Create Your Own Challenge cards aren’t quite as straight forward. The Luck of the Draw instructs players to move their game pieces a certain amount of spaces without having to complete a challenge. While this may be beneficial if a player gets to move a few spaces ahead, players should also beware of cards that will send them backwards. Last, but not least, the Create Your Own Challenge cards calls the player to create a crazy challenge that all players must try to accomplish.

I’ll be honest, some challenges can be a real doozy. There were a few in particular that I couldn’t perfect before my turn was up. For example, one Extreme Challenge card read, “Land 5 Flips without smiling, while other players try to make you laugh.” While it was really flippin’ frustrating, you bet there were a lot of laughs. Better luck next time?

The first player to flip their way to the top of the scoreboard wins. Bottle Flip The Board Game adds a new twist to the craze that’s been sweeping the nation. Now, with the board game edition, kids will have non-stop flipping fun.